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What is 'i'?

Well, 'i' is our brainchild, a digital embodiment of our consciousness, our culture, and our beliefs!


Meet 'i' in Person!

As a dreamer, “i” envisions boundless possibilities and believes that every dream can be transformed into reality. Just like the bustling Mumbai local trains, “i” embraces the energy, vibrancy, and diverse perspectives that fuel its design journey.


“i” is not just a creative powerhouse; it's a relentless researcher. “i” dives deep into the ocean of knowledge, unearthing insights that shape it’s design thinking approach. Every project is backed by heavy research, ensuring that the outcomes resonate deeply and deliver exceptional value.


“I” is a visionary. An open-minded approach allows to break free from conventional boundaries and explore uncharted territories. The destination is to become the "Uber of design companies," where we foster a collaborative ecosystem, connecting talented designers with clients, and nurturing a community driven by mutual growth.

The core motto of “i” is to create value! Along with being aesthetically pleasing, all our designs are meaningful, purposeful, and crafted to make a lasting impact.


Step into the world of the "i" and experience a design journey like no other. Together, let's challenge the status quo, embrace the extraordinary, and leave a mark that transcends boundaries.


Coffee is “i’s” creative fuel, the elixir that keeps it’s minds buzzing with ideas. With a cup in hand, it delves into the depths of imagination; with quirkiness, wit and a whole lot of puns in its arsenal.


Our Vision

At The Quirky i, we envision a world where imagination knows no limits and design is the catalyst for extraordinary growth. We dream big, embracing the unconventional to create captivating visual experiences that leave a lasting impact. 

Our vision is to redefine the graphic design landscape, infusing every project with research-backed creativity, thought-provoking ideas, and boundless innovation.

Our Mission

At The Quirky i, our mission is to create captivating designs that transcend boundaries and inspire innovation. We combine our love for quirky creativity with deep research and design thinking to deliver exceptional brand experiences. With an open-minded approach and collaborative spirit, we aim to be the catalyst for mutual growth, making a positive impact on our clients, stakeholders, and society as a whole. Together, we're redefining the design landscape, one remarkable project at a time.

Also, a single meaning to the logo is too mainstream, and as you know, everything we do is quirky! Take a closer look, and you'll uncover a hidden secret. The seemingly slumbering letter "i" in our logo, when translated through Morse code (_ .), reveals the letter "N" - a nod to our founder, Neyomi, and the driving force behind our innovative endeavors.

There’s more to the quirky tale! Interpret as you hear it, we really do have a Quirky Eye too.

It was a pleasure to introduce 'The Quirky i', where the dots connect, the lines dance, and magic happens!

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Logo?

Now that you know i's quirks and perks,

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